Cocktail Competitions and Awards

Organic Spirit is very proud to be at the very forefront of innovation when it comes down to our cocktail design and we often compete in a variety of competitions. We create fantastic one off menus for many of our private parties, wedding receptions and catered events. Below you can see some of our triumphs and the cocktail recipes that we are are so proud of.


10534086_10152263890692374_1691564176660044294_n Luxardo 2014 UK Champione


Pheonix From The Flames

35ml Cherry smoked grappa

25ml Sangue Morlacco

10592838_10152263890637374_1418333660100277764_n25ml Cherry puree

20ml Lemon juice

2.5ml Gomme

2.5ml Fire and Spice Luxardo Sambuca

Maraschino and rosemary dry ice “smoke”

Shake all ingredients and double strain into a martini glass, garnishe with cherry leaves, cherries and cherry wood ash. Finally pour maraschino infused with rosemary over dry ice to create the smoke.

2013 UK Finalist El Dorado Rum

swizzle comp 2 (Custom) (2)


Worth Its Weight In Gold

75ml Fresh pineapple juice

50ml El Dorado 12 yr old rum

12.5ml lime juice

Dash of saspirella bitters


All ingredients are added to a mixing glass and swizzled, then strained into an old fashioned glass. We add crushed ice then garnish with sugar cane stirrer that had been soaked ion the bitters and dipped in gold leaf.






Salted Caramel Old Fashionedswizzle comp 5 (Custom)

50ml El Dorado 15yr old rum

10ml caramel syrup

3 drops of dark chocolate bitters

A pinch of smoked vanilla sea salt

We stir all the ingredients in the tankards with miniature golden oars and finish by placing into a treasure chest filled with dry ice and pouring over sea water to create a sea mist.



Vestal Vodka UK First Place 2013

Vestal vodka cocktail competition 2013

Wysiąść Mojej Ziemi or Get Off My Land

50ml Vestal Podlasie

12.5ml Dill syrup

10ml Lemon juice

Spritz of absinthe

Garnished with cornichons and fresh dill

This competition was all about telling the story of field to glass reflecting the traditional Polish vodka production.  The cocktail is shaken, double strained into a coupe glass and finished with the absinthe spritz.






Jameson’s World Final First Place Winning

24 Carrot Gold

50 ml Carrot juice

5 Drops ginger bitters

5 ml Caramel syrup

Garnished with purple carrot ribbons dipped in gold leaf

Served with a straight shot of Jameson’s Gold


Our greatest result to date! After winning the London heats we represented the UK and took on 36 countries in the world final in Dublin 2013 with this little number and with a unanimous result took the top spot to achieve the title Mix Master 2013. Not only a great result for Organic Spirit but it was also the first time the UK had won.







Putting Pen To Shaker 2013 UK Final First Place

Does a Bear Drink Rum In Deepest Peru?

50 ml Buttered sour dough toast infused Virgin Gorda rum

2 Bar spoons of Ish lime gin infused marmalade

Dash AKA vodka based bitters with vanilla and chamomile 

Shaken and garnished with mini marmalade sandwiches and served in a wellington boot.




Chartreuse 2014 UK Speed Blindfolded First Place and UK Mixology Finalist

Lost Love Found

50 ml Green Chartreuse

12.5 ml Lemon Sherbet

50 ml Soda water

Dash of lavender bitters

Stirred and garnished with fresh thyme and lemon peel

The second part of this competition was a round in which competitors were asked to make, shake and garnish a Last Word cocktail blind folded as fast as possible. David (the force is strong in this one) Hamilton Boyd managed this insane task at break neck speed taking the top prize at 21.65 seconds. He says that he’s not 100% sure he could do it much faster without the blind fold…


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