A new venture for Organic Spirit…

It’s been 4 years now and Organic Spirit is busier then ever, in recent times we have seen more and more inquiries for mobile bars for events in Kent, so we have decided to launch a brand new sister company to run along side Organic Spirit.

mobile bar kent


The Kent Mobile Bar Company will focus on delivering our world class cocktails and full licensed bars to house parties, wedding receptions and all sorts of other events.

We have also created a simple no fuss party catering menu that is available at great value and is delivered ready to be heated or served.

We have invested in fantastic illuminated bars that can be set up in any location within 30 minuets and will give every event that wow factor.

As always we have a fantastic selection of hen party cocktail classes where you learn to make and drink three cocktails in the comfort of your own home or venue of choice.

One thing we know for sure if it’s no fun clearing  up the next morning so we have enlisted a team of super cleaners that can come and restore your home to it’s former glory.

We are so excited to have this new venture off the ground and running and have already had a flood of inquiries so don’t miss out! Give us a call today and book the Kent Mobile Bar Company for your next wedding reception in Kent, birthday party in Maidstone, or hen party in king’s Hill.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this and we look forward to serving you soon!

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Christmas treats for you, and the ones you love…

We love a good challenge so why not commission your very own bottle of infused spirits, solid oak home bar, personally designed cocktail or individual one off bottle of cocktail bitters?


Our bespoke services allows you to let your imagination run wild…

Whether your a bar looking for that one ingredient you cant find or unusual cocktail bitter to finish a special cocktail or you want to surprise a loved one with a truly unique gift we can create it with you. As everything we do is hand produced you can even choose the bottling size, style and bespoke personalized labeling.

Our multi-award winning mixologist can design a one off mouthwatering cocktail for yourself or a loved one beautifully presented and personalized with a special message from you. A unique gift for any occasion.

Why not commission a bar for your home to your exacting requirements? Hand made and designed to meet the needs of even the most experienced bar tenders using British oak counters with all the optional extras you would expect in a working cocktail bar.

Bespoke cocktail bitters starting at £19.50 
Cocktail bitters add an extra dimension to any cocktail or mixed drink and are made by steeping herbs, spices and botanicals. Bitters have been used for centuries as cure all and most recently to add surprising flavors to drinks, deserts and food. With our bespoke service you can tell us what you’d like the bitters to taste and smell like, tell us what drink or cocktail your planning to add them to or even tell us a country that you’d like them to represent and we will do the rest. This is the ultimate gift for any novice or pro bartender looking for something unique to have in the artillery. We use only the finest of ingredients and the bitters come with a cocktail card of 3 signature cocktails designed for your bitters as well as personalized labeling and an ingredients card.

Bespoke infused spirits and liqueurs starting at £34.50
Here at Organic Spirit we have always believed in infusing our own spirits. From triple citrus vodka to our famous spiced rum we know that he flavors held within are authentic, clean and well balanced. We use no artificial additives and only the finest premium spirits. As with the bespoke bitters service you tell us what you’d like to see and taste and leave the rest up to us. Our spirits are not flavored with chemicals they are infused with the best spices, fruit and herbs around.

Signature cocktail design £19.50  - £29.50
Ever wanted to have a cocktail designed just for you? Well here is your chance, with this unique gift you can select any base spirit and give us an idea of the types of flavors you enjoy and we will create your very own cocktail. We will never create it for anyone else and it will be designed just for you or a lucky loved one. Presented on high grade card ready for mounting or mounted and framed with a description of the drink as well as any special message you like. We include instructions of how to mix the drink, this is a one of a kind gift. All the recipes are designed by our world champion Head Mixologist David Hamilton Boyd so rest assured you will receive only the finest of creations. Click here to see our sample menu.

Organic Spirit home bars P.O.A
Having over 17 years behind the bar teaches you a thing or two about bar design, we have taken this knowledge and put it into designing one off hand crafted bars for your home. Whether you require a small bar to entertain a few friends or something a little larger for the more experienced bartender to work from we consult with you to find our exactly what you require, we will design the perfect bar for you with many optional extras like speed rails, under counter wine coolers as well as all the kit you’ll need. We offer all you need to create that perfect cocktail party center piece in the comfort of your very own home made with strong materials and built to last.

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Have a very merry Organic Spirit Christmas

Aghhhhh it’s nearly Christmas and you haven’t planned your party yet!

Have no fear….Organic Spirit are here with jingle bells on delivering fantastic Christmas event catering in London and Kent .

We know it can be a busy time of the year and the last thing you want to do is run around buying party food and wondering what Nigel in accounts wants to drink.

We have developed a no hassle range of packages for every budget, simply pick a food and drinks selection and leave the rest to us.

Our in house chefs use only the finest organic and fair trade ingredients for your catered event in Kings Hill, Maidstone, or London.

Our team of staff will be on hand to serve your guests throughout the evening seeing to your every need and ensuring the smooth running of your event.

It’s not just corporate Christmas parties we are catering for this year, why not treat you and your loved ones to a canapé and cocktail get together? It’s no fun being stuck in the kitchen while the party goes on without you so let us do the hard work and relax, go on you know you deserve it!

We still have some availability in the coming months but be quick as its going fast, contact us today!

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Hen Party Cocktail Making

Our brand new hen party packages will not only get the party started in the comfort of your own home but also teach a group of hens who to make, shake and stir fantastic cocktails.

We come to your venue of choice whether it a home in Kent, village hall in Maidtone, or your friends house in Kings Hill with all the ingredients needed.

We have three new packages and can cater for your event to with fantastic food for the party to nibble on while you sip gorgeous cocktails.

Take a look below and book you Hen Do with us.

Vintage Gin and Tea Party 


Darjeeling Express

Smoky Darjeeling tea infused with gin, mixed berry purée, bitters and a hint of Kentish apple juice, served in a vintage cup and saucer.

 Lady Grey’s Afternoon Cooler

Chilled Lady Grey tea, pink grapefruit infused gin, charged with soda and a splash of lavender syrup, served tall and cool. Garnished with crystallised lavender flowers.

 Hamilton’s Tea Rooms Tipple

Sweet strawberries mixed with, vanilla infused gin, raisin syrup, and Kentish apple juice. Finshed with clotted cream foam and strawberries.

Add some tasty treats served on our 3 tier vintage cake stands 

Mini Smoked Salmon Bagels with cream cheese and dill

Pumpernickel rounds topped with crème fraise, prawns and chive

Lemon thyme roast chicken and cucumber finger sandwiches

Scones with naughty clotted cream and strawberry jam

Macaroon selection


Cheeky Tiki 

Cocktail parties for hens

Cheeky Tiki Passion Punch

Pasison fruit shaken with vanilla infused rum, Mango and lime juice. Served tall and cool with passion fruit garnish and pineapple leaves.

 Crazy in the Coconut

Fresh coconut water, spiced rum, pineapple and cardamom sherbet and lime juice. Served on a mini beach in a coconut shell.

 Nuclear Banana Mai Tai

Ovenproof rum infused with banana, dark rum, fresh banana, almond syrup, lime juice. Served short with a warning.

Add some tasty treats served on banana leaf plates

Coconut prawns

BBQ lime and mango chicken wings

Papaya salad pots

Rum and raisin mini tarts

Key lime pies

Cocktail Globe Trotter

Hen party ideas Kent


Galangal and lemon grass infused gin, pineapple juice, lime juice, and coconut syrup. Shaken and served in a martini glass with chili garnish.

 The Classic Cuban Mojito

Lashings of white rum, lime juice, mint, sugar, finally topped with soda. Made the classic way!

Long Mango Margarita

Sweet mango juice, tequila, lime, triple sec and a dash of our home crafted Mexican bitters, served tall and cool. Garnished with dehydrated lime wheels.

Add some tasty treats served on sharing platters

Green curry prawns

BBQ lime and mango chicken wings

Three bean chilli pots

Water melon with passion fruit and orange blossom dressing

Chilli chocolate bites

 So if you like the sound of shaking and drinking a few fabulous cocktails as part of your Hen Do then get in touch today!

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Fungi gold in the fields of Kent

Autumns here and Organic Spirits chef Eleanor Hamilton Boyd has donned her wellies and headed out to the fields arround King’s Hill, Kent in search of some fabulous fungi to cook in our organic catering kitchen.  So how does one begin a journey into mycology, she spills the beans here…

A great and safe way to start learning about mushrooms is to go on a guided foray with an expert. There are many held each autumn across the country, although in my experience you have to book fairly early as mushrooming has been gaining in popularity over the last decade.  The next thing is to get a really good field ID book and I can’t stress enough how Important it is to LEARN THE DEADLY ONES FIRST.  The Amanita family of mushrooms plays host to some of the most poisonous mushrooms of the UK including those with such endearing names as ‘the death cap’, ‘ the destroying angel’ ‘ the panther cap’
and the infamous red and white toadstool of fairy tales the ‘fly agaric’. The death cap in particular is probably the most important of all to learn as its responsible for 90% of mushroom fatalities worldwide.

There tend to be more poisonous mushrooms to be found in woodland than in grassland for example.
However even here you have to have your wits about you as the ‘yellow staining mushroom’ which looks ever so similar to a field or horse mushroom can give you a nasty stomach upset and accounts for the majority of mushroom poisonings  per year in the UK.  This mushroom can be identified by the vibrant bright yellow stain that appears if the mushroom is cut vertically through the stem base or bruised and smells like ink.

So once you are feeling confident to pick alone , and it has taken me 4 years of study and guided forays to do so, then the world is literally your oyster mushroom (couldn’t resist sorry!)  get yourself some really good guide books and get out into the field with your basket. Books I can recommend are ‘Mushrooms by Roger Philips and The River Cottage Mushroom guide is an excellent book for beginners.
In my basket here you can see parasol mushrooms, field mushrooms,  horse mushrooms, common puff ball and fairy ring champignons.   All relatively easy to ID and fresh from the field simply fried in butter, garlic and parsley on sourdough toast tastes divine. We love to use as many forageed and home grown ingredients in all our catering in and around the King’s Hill area and Kent as a whole.

Basket of mushrooms


Mushroom dishI also made a wild mushroom lasagne which went down a treat with the whole family and I was confident enough to feed it to my toddler! We are definitly g0ing to include this dish into one of our organic wedding buffets soon. Fairy ring champignons are also great for drying for use later in the year in soups and stews , string them by threading them onto string with a needle and hang to dry.

There are several specimens still on my hit list; the chicken of the woods (so called because it apparently
tastes like chicken)  a fungus that grows high in the branches of mostly oak trees and the prized chanterelle still remain illusive to me.  However I was lucky enough to stumble upon a giant puffball which at the size of a rugby ball can be sliced into thick wedges and makes an awesome vegetarian schnitzel and a beefsteak fungus which can be cut into strips and fried.
Once you have been bitten by the mushroom foraging bug it’s hard to stop, you will find yourself longing for a rainy day (as mushroom hunting is generally better after a wet spell) and getting up at stupid
o’clock to tramp through fields to catch the early rising mushrooms. Do remember to ask permission of the landholder if you intend to pick mushrooms on someone’s land, I was told off once so learnt this the hard way.

Do remember to be really safe when picking mushrooms, avoid young specimens which are easier to mix up and if you are not 100% sure of its identity DO NOT EAT IT and remember is the saying amongst mycologists goes “There  are old mushroom hunters and bold mushroom hunters but never old bold mushroom hunters”


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Great new corporate packages!

Organic Spirit takes the stress and hassle out of arranging any event with highly experienced event planners you can leave the detail down to us.

From invitations, entertainment, performers, bespoke menu design, event delivery, and fast efficient IMG_0843event breakdown and clear up, we have it covered.

Our highly experienced in house chefs will create a sumptuous food offering using locally sourced organic produce, whether it is a light working breakfast, informal lunch, canapé reception or a grand banquet. We work with our clients closely to ensure the perfect menu for their budgets and requirements. We cater for all dietary requirements.

During your event the Organic Spirit team will see to your every need, providing fast efficient service with a smile, and fully trained by our in house management team.


10534086_10152263890692374_1691564176660044294_nWe are finding increasingly that our clients are looking  that extra wow factor for their events and with over seventeen years experience in some of the world’s best bars our head of Mixology (David Hamilton Boyd) will design a world class bespoke cocktail menu for your event, with a string of UK and International awards under his belt your guests are sure to be amazed.


Our team building cocktail tuitions are a mix of challenging team based games, breathtaking flair demonstrations, and exquisite cocktails which make for a perfect evening. Bringing together a work force in fun team based challenges helping to promote synergy in the work place. Our course tutors have all been handpicked from the most prestigious bars in London and the UK and are young bubbly characters that will be on hand to help your guests create great drinks throughout the session.


Sample Drinks PackagesSalted Caramel Old Fashioned

We tailor the majority of our packages to our client’s requirements, budgets and event running times but have provided some example packages below.

All of our packages include everything needed to deliver a fantastic range of drinks, including ice, pro cocktail equipment, fresh fruit garnishes, cocktail design, mobile bar units and bartenders and/or mixologists.

We offer water, soft drinks, beer and wine as part of all our packages.

We also offer “dry hire” bars and staff if you would like to supply your own drinks, prices on enquiry.


Unlimited 4 hour bar £39.50 per head:

This package is very popular for annual parties and throughout the festive season, it allows your guests to let their hair down with a full bar. We offer a selection of cocktails, wines and beers for your guests to enjoy over a four hour period.

Reception drinks 1.5 hours starting at £24.95:

Welcome your guests with a glass or two of bubbly, the perfect accompaniment to one of our canapé menus. We recommend this package for clients who have guests arriving over the course of a couple of hours, to welcome guests before one our team building events, before a meal or award ceremony.

Drinks with a meal starting at £17.50:

We hand pick fantastic organic wines, beers and soft drinks to compliment your meal, drinks will either be served to your table by our waiting staff  your table or available from the bar depending on the style of food service.

Pay bar £7.50 per head:

You may want your guests to pay for their drinks as they go or run a tab with us with a spend limit, we are fully licensed and can offer fully stocked pay bars with a choice of cocktails or your standard fare. We also offer attractive profit shares once pre-agreed bar spends are hit.


BloodySample Food Packages

Organic spirit offer a full spectrum of catering options for just about any occasion you can imagine from working breakfasts, canapé receptions, buffets and full sit down meals.

We take pride in sourcing our ingredients from local organic farms, and grow many herbs and vegetables ourselves.

Each menu we prepare is created especially for our client, we like to listen to our clients and create a menu that reflects their needs and budgets.

Below are some guide prices for some of the catering options we provide and include all staffing costs. All staffing is included in the per head price but depending on location and venue there may be supplementary delivery and equipment hire costs.

Light working breakfasts from £6 a head:

 A selection of pastries, fresh fruit, organic juices, teas and coffee, with a self serve coffee and tea station. More filling options and brunch menus are also catered for.

Business lunches from £8.50 a head:

 Fantastic finger food delivered on eco friendly platters. No curled up egg sandwiches here! Healthy salads, wraps, cold meats, dips, organic soft drinks and seasonal treats. We change our menus daily depending on what is at its freshest.

Canapé receptions from £11.50 a head:

There is no better way to welcome your guests to any event than with a canapé reception. We pride ourselves in creating some of the most innovative and mouth watering canapés you can find. All our canapés are passed around by our fantastic staff on beautiful trays which can be themed for your event if you so desire

Buffets £15-£35 a head:

A buffet is a great way to feed a large informal party, buffets feature a wide variety of dishes to suit all dietary requirements and pallets. Below is the cost for a basic un-staffed buffet, prices start at £15 a head and go up to £35 a head depending on budget and the menu that is decided upon. All our buffets come with complimentary tea and coffee station.

Family style banquette from £25 a head:

Probably the most popular style of food service at the moment, plated starters followed by large platters and dishes placed on each table for guests to share. We find this is a great informal dining experience which is also more economical than a full plated service as less waiting staff are required. Below is the cost of a basic three course meal with plated starter. All our family style menus come with complimentary tea and coffee station. All prices below include staffing costs.

Full service; sit down meals from £45 a head:

Traditional and formal three, four or even five course meals can be served at a venue of your choosing, below is a cost for our most basic menu. Prices start at £45 a head and include all staffing costs and complimentary tea coffee, and petit fours.


Cocktail TuitionCocktail tuition

We offer a wide variety of cocktail tuition packages whether you just want a bit of fun, some team building, or have a passion for learning more about what makes a good cocktail great.

All of our packages include an overview of all the pro equipment we use, the history behind the great drinks and also tips and tricks of the trade.

Our classes have all been designed by our multi award winning Head of Mixology, David Hamilton Boyd and are designed to be informative, fun and entertaining.

Classes can be tailored to your company ethos, brand, and/or product.

Our basic introduction to cocktail making starts at £29.50 per head where all guests are able to make and drink a minimum of three cocktails each.  The class lasts around 2 hours and we bring everything needed to run the class to your venue of choice.

If you’re looking for something more in-depth or are interested in booking a team game event please enquire and we can advise on the best package to suit your time frame and requirements.








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Fantastic pickled cucumbers

Picked cucumbers with dill and fennel flowers


It has been great season in the garden at Organic Spirit this summer and in between catering for events all over Kent and the South East we have had the opportunity to grow some fantastic vegetables that we use in our wedding buffets and organic catering.

Here is an amazing recipe for our fennel and dill flower pickled cucumbers, a great accompaniment to many dishes; we love to have it with a nice piece of fish or with an organic BBQ.



You will need

Cucmber basket

3 or 4 cucumbers, any will do but we choose a selection of yellow lemon cucumbers, Russian and F1 Burpless
2 shallots
A good pinch of sea salt
250ml cider vinegar
200ml white wine vinegar
3 heaped spoons of castor sugar
A good pinch caster sugar
3 cloves
10-15 peppercorns
10 fennel flowers
10 dill flowers


  • Cucumbers saltingWe use a magi mix to slice the cucumbers and shallots nice and thin.
  • Next place them into a large bowl and shake over the salt, mixing it all the way through, this will take out all the water and keep your pickles nice and crunchy!
  • Leave for a couple of hours and mix them up half way through.


  • While you are waiting for all the water to come out of the cucumbers prepare the brine by combining the vinegar, sugar, cloves and pepper in a pan and gently heating until the sugar has dissolved.
  • You will see that there is now lot of water in the bowl; you will need to drain this out and rinse the cucumber mix so that there is no salt remaining, leave to drain and then pat dry with a clean tea towel.
  • You will now need to get yourself a nice big sterilised jar and pack the cucumbers and flowers in layering as you go.
  • Once you have placed them, all in you’ll need to fill it up with your chilled brine. Tap the jar a few times to release any air that is trapped.
  • I like to leave them for a few days to a week to get nice and tasty.

If you like the sound of this recipe why not check out our summer BBQ menus, we cater for all events in and around Maidstone, Kent, and London so give us a call today and book your next catered event with Organic Spirit.

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Host the Perfect Event

Hosting the perfect event can take a lot of planning, hard work and attention to detail. If you have never planned an event before, you may be experiencing first-party nerves and feeling the pressure to really provide a problem-free and popular event.


Knowing the 3 most important factors to consider when planning any event can help you avoid many of the common mistakes people make when planning a party, encouraging your event to run smoothly, provide guests with a memorable experience and allow you to sit back, relax and enjoy your hard work. (With a glass of champers in hand, of course!)


First things first, plan the guest list! When planning an event, the guest list needs to be finalised before you book any venues or order any nibbles. Knowing exactly how many guests will be attending your event will enable you to finalise the fun decisions including food, drink, entertainment and décor.


If you left your event decisions to pure guess work, you may end up over spending or not ordering enough food and leaving guests hungry. Always make sure you have finalised numbers before making any final decisions, this will also help you to stick to a budget!


Once your numbers are finalised or you at least have a rough estimate of attendees, you can finally start thinking about where your event will be held. For larger events, you may need to rent a banquet hall or large spaced location. Taking the comfort of your guests into consideration is key to planning a perfect, smooth-running event. Consider booking out venues which offer guests the ability to move around and mingle without feeling cramped.


Food, drink and décor

Now for the fun bit! Once guest lists are finalised, you will need to double check your attendees dietary and allergy requirements to be sure you have catered for everybody’s requirements. Caterers, servers, florists and entertainment are just a few of the vendors you should consider hiring when organising a top event. By hiring caterers, you are able to enjoy your event without having to worry about cooking or meeting deadlines and can mingle with your guests as you would like.


Consider caterers that have a good reputation – hiring a low quality vendor is the quickest way to ruin an event, so be sure to do your research and read reviews!

Planning any sizable event can be a daunting experience; however, if you plan carefully, organise and book complementary services that meet the needs of your guests, offer high quality and aim to enhance your event, you will be sure to find that your party is a complete success!


Here at Organic Spirit, we are dedicated and high quality organic caterers in London offering a range of perfect event services to make your event truly memorable. Alongside our beautiful organic foods, we offer quality cocktails and cocktail tutoring to add a little something extra to any event. For further information please feel free to get in contact with our friendly team on 01622 434 347 or email us at david@organicspirit.co.uk

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How Much Food Do You Need?

When you’re organising an event, this is one of the biggest questions. You don’t want to be embarrassed because you’ve run out of food and your guests are debating ringing the local takeaway to stem the grumbling in their stomachs. Equally, you don’t want to be forcing doggy bags on guests who are already stuffed to bursting because you’ve ordered too much and don’t want it wasted.

Luckily, as professional organic caterers in London, we have plenty of experience in this area! Here are some tips on making sure that you have just the right amount of food at your event.

Party GuestsGuest List

One of the biggest factors you need to consider is, of course, how many people you’ll have attending. If you offer open invitations this can be very hard to gauge, so consider issuing individual invitations and asking people to RSVP in advance. This way, you can have a guest list with the right numbers.

Event Duration

How long your event lasts will affect how much food you need and what type – a short event can safely offer only nibbles, but if your event is going to last more than two hours you can expect your guests to be hungry for something more substantial. If you’re planning a particularly long event, your guests may get hungry again, so you may need to plan for a meal and snacks, or for more than one meal.

Time of Day

Similarly to the duration of the event, the time of day has a bearing. If your event is between lunch and dinner, your guests won’t expect a full meal; if it’s at lunchtime or dinner time, they will expect something more filling. Take this into account when you choose your menu.


The portion sizes will often depend on the menu you offer; if you have a lot of different options, you should offer them in smaller portions, as people will often want to try several different things. The way the food is served can also affect this – if you offer a buffet, people will often take larger portions than if they were served by a waiter.

When you come to us for organic catering in London for your event, we’ll guide you through all these questions and more to make sure that you not only get fantastic, delicious organic food for your event, but you also get the right quantities so nothing gets wasted. For more information, call us on 01622 434 347, or use the enquiry form on our contact page to get in touch.

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Cocktail Classes

Aside from being one of the leading organic companies that provide private event catering in London we offer a wide range of other services like our fantastic cocktail making classes.

These classes can be a perfect party idea for so many different groups of people!



A perfect party for an 18 year old is to bring them into the world of good quality, organic cocktails! On their 18th birthday they can come and learn the classics and then design their own bespoke cocktail! Whether you go for an in-depth mixology class or just a basic package you can be sure to have a birthday to remember.

Hen Parties

Taking a mixology class before your big day might just inspire you to create your own cocktail that’s so good you want to share it with all your wedding guests. You and your favourite girlies can have a fantastic afternoon learning all about cocktails. We love hen parties so much we even set up a sister company to do them!

Team Building

Taking your team to this will definitely make you the coolest boss about town. We have a session designed for this with fantastic team building exercises; perfect for boosting synergy within the workplace. With only the finest tutors that we have hand-picked from bars you can be sure to have an exhilarating experience.

To watch our very own David show you a few classics check out these videos!


Whether you are looking for cocktail classes, dinner parties, or private event catering in London, Organic Spirit is the company for you. We offer only the highest quality of service as well as bespoke options, so if you are looking to host the perfect event contact us now on 01622 434 347!

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