Green Ethos


We believe in a more sustainable food system and we believe that traceability and provenance is key to understanding how we can achieve this. We strive to know everything that is involved in our food or drinks life cycle from field to glass or plate.


We believe that food should be seasonal, not just because it obviously tastes better and fresher but because this helps to reduce the energy and associated CO2 emissions needed to grow and transport the food we eat and helps us to reconnect with nature’s cycles and the passing of time. Eating seasonally also supports local economy.


We try to source all of our ingredients from organic suppliers because its better for you and the planet. Over 20% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions come from food and farming today. Nitrogen fertiliser manufacturing is the worst offender. Organic ingredients have higher amounts of minerals, essential amino acids and vitamins than non-organic food. Animal welfare is at the heart of organic systems and wildlife and eco systems flourish on organic farms.


We work with local suppliers and small artisan producers wherever possible. Sourcing local means environmental impact is reduced; it also supports the local economy and encourages diversity.

Green commitments

The Organic Spirit office is solely powered by wind generated electricity.

We make all our own syrups, stocks, sauces etc to insure that all of the ingredients are responsibly sourced and of the best standard.

We compost any leftover waste and use it in the Organic Spirit garden where we grow lots of yummy herbs that make their way into many of the cocktails that we make. We also recycle/reuse all packaging and glass.

We use mainly bicycles with trailers to transport all that we need to your party to keep our carbon foot print as low as possible. For larger parties we use vans which are part of a car sharing scheme.

All of our spirits are organically produced with great care resulting in the exquisite flavors, purity and smoothness.
For every party/training session that is booked we plant three trees in Indonesia that are supported throughout their lives and can be seen using Google maps one of which will be named by you, a truly great gift!

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